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Why travel by air?

Remember that budget holiday flight you took once, that witching-hour middle-of-the-night commando-style endurance test that dumped you sleepless and shivering at a pre-dawn airport where everything was closed, several hours before the hotel transfer bus was due to set off?

We don’t like those either.

Being civilised people who think holidays should be relaxing and not taxing, we try to organise our flights for civilised times of the day. Departures are usually early enough to make the most of the day while still allowing our customers time to wake up, freshen up and have a healthy breakfast. Return flights, in like manner, are generally scheduled late enough in the afternoon or evening so that the day can still be counted mostly as holiday and not written off entirely as a travel day.

It probably goes without saying that we also pay the airport taxes for you and lay on transfers to and from the hotel.

We do a lot of UK inland flights too. Nowadays, with budget flights and online check-ins, they’ve become a viable alternative to rail, and just the thing for giving your Omega break that club-class touch.

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