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Ah, live gigs, who doesn't remember those well–loved experiences of callow youth? There's just nothing like standing in a sweaty crush behind some bloke nine feet tall who won't budge out of the way but is fully ready, when the music starts, to pogo up and down on your toes. The deafening sound, the brilliant coma–inducing lights, the half–time bar that's fourteen feet long and nineteen people deep, selling astoundingly overpriced lager–water in plastic beakers that crack open as soon as you pick them up, the toilets that look and smell like a medieval swamp, the bouncers who are obviously supplementing their other income as hit–men, the cheers of the last closing encore when you finally realise the bars are already shut and the buses have all stopped for the night and you're miles from anywhere and it's started to rain...

Fond memories eh?

See if you prefer this approach instead. We take you by comfortable coach to top shows at some of the country’s most prestigious venues, where you’ll have a pre-booked seat in the audience. Afterwards we pick you up outside the venue and (unless it’s a day excursion) whisk you off to a plush 3 or 4 star hotel for the night, with 3 course evening meal too on some breaks. In the morning there’s a full English breakfast to look forward to and after that some leisure time to go off and see some sights or do some shopping before the return coach journey.

Now that's what we call live entertainment.

“At Omega we love music and art and culture - we just don't think you should have to suffer for it.”

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